Which Lottery Is The Most KBC Winner List 2022 In Mumbai: Player Reviews

On the off chance that you investigate audits via virtual entertainment and gatherings, you will figure out which one is the best KBC Winner List 2022 Mumbai. We’ve investigated this data and are anxious to give it to you.I might want to have the option to win 10 million rupees in somewhere around 15 minutes during KBC Season 14

You can purchase a 2022 KBC Season 14 pass to win a monetary reward on the https://sonykbc.website/site through a portable application or KBC Head Office Number (+19188444111). The go for the gold is to pick however many numbers as you can. Each field of play has numbers going from 1 to 80. Select the numbers you require buy a ticket, input your phone number and afterward hang tight for the triumphant. Try not to throw your receipt!


You can perceive how the TV Show is played on the site https://sonykbc.website/ where draws happen consistently once like clockwork. The greatest award for a solitary draw can’t be in excess of 10 million rupees.

Have a shot at more than 500 million clients on the KBC Website

On the off chance that you’re wanting to make it a tycoon, is this Sony KBC lottery is for you! This lottery game has brought tremendous lottery wins all through the Indian Federation to numerous inhabitants. Prize strongholds are half of the benefits and the cost of the ticket of 150 bucks. You can see the live transmission of the draws every day through Sony TV. Sony TV channel.

Big stake 500 million. 500. Million. Rupees!

Assuming that you purchase a ticket you’ll get the opportunity to be the victor of monetary rewards including vehicles, lofts, and even houses. In the event that you coincidentally missed the game, it’s alright, you can see all that by signing into the “Flow Archive” on the https://sonykbc.website/site  . The lottery happens at Sony KBC and the principles of the game are constrained by the watchers alongside the draw advisory group. In this way, every member is ensured to win the big stake.


In the lottery, by purchasing one KBC ticket you are allowed three opportunities to be a champ. You can monitor the advancement in this TV Show consistently at 13.30 Indian time. You should know that in this game there is no reliance on you in light of the fact that the blends of numbers are made in a manner that is programmed. The last award is $300. The award for the most liberal is the player who matches all numbers to that 46th step. The greatest bonanza is worth 10 million rupees.

Purchasing A Ticket

The input got from players recommends that KBC Housing Lottery tells the truth, as there are many individuals who have gotten enormous totals when they purchased a ticket for only 100 rupees. The fundamental idea driving the Show is exceptionally simple to understand There are two fields, and every one contains fifteen numbers. A bunch of numbers from the reach 1-90 is chosen haphazardly. The game can be played in three rounds.

  • Round – The champ goes to the players who have crossed out five numbers on the level line on any ticket in the quickest time.
  • Round II: Players who have crossed out 15 numbers on a portion of the playfields are granted.
  • Third round the champ is the individual who has finished 30 numbers on the two battlegrounds on the ticket.
  • To get an extra 15% off the lottery ticket, notice the coupon code when you buy

A fascinating data. As indicated by research most of the players who make the big stake are lost, companions. Why? No doubt envy. Or on the other hand share cash or “Sony KBC Head Office Number (+19188444111).” Furthermore, investigations have discovered that guys are more ready to share any money they make with three of their companions while ladies only have one.


As indicated by audits of players the most dependable Season 14 2022 KBC lottery is Mumbai 5 out of 36. Three different lotteries are like it is 7 out of 45 4, 4 out of 20, and seven out of 49. The biggest big stake is regularly the fourth out of 20 notwithstanding, the chances can change.


It originally appeared in 2022, and it is exceptionally famous right up until now. It is played multiple times every day between 12.00, 15.00, 18.00, 21.00 and 23.59 Indian time. The actual draw is held at KBC Company’s middle. KBC Company’s focus, and the triumphant not entirely set in stone by a robotized lottery machine.

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